Scholarships Sponsored by the Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences

EEPS scholarships are offered and awarded to enrolled students.  Undergraduate and graduate students will be able to find out more information about the application process from EEPS department administrator.

The Leroy Caleb Gibbon Award
For the best-written thesis (Senior, Master’s or Doctoral) turned in within 6 weeks after oral defense. The award may be given in full to one student or split between two students.

The Torkild Rieber Award in Geology
May be awarded to an undergraduate (any year) or graduate student (any year) who has “distinguished himself or herself by high academic standing or other achievements in courses in geology.”

The Sam Worden Endowed Memorial Fund in Geophysics
Awarded to a graduating geophysics undergraduate (preferred) or graduating geophysics graduate student. The award is based on the student’s creative, innovative contributions to the enhancement of geophysics, either in theory or instrumentation.

Eugen Merten Memorial Prize in Geology & Geophysics
Given to the most outstanding junior level geophysics student and/or the most outstanding junior level geology student. Based on the most outstanding academic results during the previous fall semester and/or cumulative GPA may also be considered.

The Devlin-Schnable Memorial Award
The award, used as scholarships, helps to offset the cost of summer field camp for undergraduates. The application can be found here and should be emailed to the Department Administrator.

Douglas and Martha Lou Broussard Fellowship
Given to a graduate student in the later year(s) of their program, preference to female students.

Outstanding Graduate Student Award – Donated by Exxon Mobil
Awarded to the graduate student with the most excellent academic record and overall outstanding performance.

Outstanding Undergraduate Award – Donated by Exxon Mobil
Awarded to the undergraduate student with the most excellent academic record and overall outstanding performance.

Outstanding TA Award – Donated by Shell Oil
The award is a one-month stipend for the Teaching Assistant(s) with the most outstanding initiative, and valuable contribution to undergraduate instruction for either semester of the current academic year.

Mills Bennet Award
Provides a fellowship for a graduate student with high academic records and outstanding qualifications, for advanced studies on the occurrence, properties, distribution, movement, and pollution of water on and beneath the surface of the land. Funds are from the Engineering Division. The funds are to be used for a one-year stipend.

Department Service Award / Chairman’s Service Award

Chevron Scholarship

Chevron Minority Scholarship