Delamination-style convective lithospheric downwelling under the Colorado Plateau. This is an ongoing very loosely organized project involving colleagues at a number of institutions: Gene Humphreys, Brandon Schmandt, Meghan Miller, Cin-Ty Lee, Monica Erdman, Mary Reid, Janne Blitchert-Toft,  Karl Karlstrom, and numerous others.

Funding was provided by NSF EarthScope Grant EAR 0844760 to AL and Meghan Miller.

We believe that we have identified an ongoing lithospheric drip/delamination under the west-central Colorado Plateau, the so-called “Escalante Anomaly” observed in western US tomography (Schmandt and Humphreys, 2010, G3;  Levander et al, 2011, Nature). Subsequent work has 1)  determined that the basaltic volcanics around the periphery of the CP are sourced from relatively shallow depths in the asthenosphere (Reid et al, 2012, Geology) suggesting that the lithosphere has been removed, and 2) developed a possible lower crustal instability trigger for the drip/delamination in the form of a dense pyroxenite restite  (Erdman et al, 2016, EPSL).

Seismic images beneath the Colorado Plateau (Levander et al. 2011, Nature)

Seismic images beneath the Colorado Plateau (Levander et al. 2011, Nature)


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