For recruiters

Click here for list of students interested in energy employment

How to coordinate interviews in the Earth science department

Step 1.  Contact Mary Ann Lebar, our department recruiter liaison, at

Step 2.  Complete Fall 2016 Corporate Recruiting Questionnaire.  Save it with your corporate name and return the document to Mary Ann.

Step 3.  Send student internships and job openings at your company to Mary Ann for distribution.

Step 4.  After Wednesday, September 21, review resumes at this site of students interested in interviewing for your internships and job openings.

Step 5. Send Mary Ann the names of students you want to interview on the date(s),  She will set up the interview schedule for you.


For students

Step 1. Register on our website and upload your web profile.

Step 2. Upload your Resume. The resume should be a one page pdf file in font no smaller than 11 pt.  Click for sample Resume.

List of companies interested in recruiting (accessible only by log in)