New Micro-XRF installed – time to play!

A new micro-XRF element mapper (Horiba XGT 7000) has been installed on the third floor. This instrument excites atoms using a Rhodium x-ray source and measures the energy of the re-emitted x-rays using energy dispersive spectrometry. This instrument generates qualitative elemental maps at 50 or 100 micron spatial resolution and can handle sample sizes up to 10 x 10 cm. Minimal sample preparation is needed. All that is needed is a relatively flat surface. It can tolerate a few mm of relief so you do not need a polished surface. Come on by if you’re interested in using it. It is easy to learn and use. Undergraduates Emily Paine, Elli Ronay, Meron Fessahaie, Maya Stokes, and Graham Eldridge have already been working on it!

The above image shows a false-color map of a reaction zone in a granite (actually an orbicular granite), measured by Emily Paine. The long dimension is about 4 cm in length. The red corresponds to sulfur and represents sulfides. The green corresponds to Ti and corresponds to Ti-bearing magnetite. You can use this to investigate sediments, metamorphic rocks, igneous rocks, and many other things.

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