What is miniGeology?

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What is miniGeology?

miniGeology is a town square where you meet protagonists and minor characters related to Geology and the Earth Sciences. I interview them to uncover their mindset, and to discover how they approach problems, their work, and life, which I then share with the community.

miniGeology is informal. The interview format yields a short spontaneous discussion. Interviews depict geology in all its colors, with speakers of different nations, all ages, and genders.

Here’s how you can follow miniGeology:

1) Subscribe to the youtube channel, an archive of all interviews, and a round table where everybody can upload their own videos and interviews;

2) Listen to the Radio Show every Tuesday at 5:00 pm CST on KPFT Houston (click HD2 STREAM) to hear news, debates, and curiosities about Geology, for novices and professionals;

3) Follow us on our twitter account;

4) Visit us at this page on the Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences website at Rice University.

Mission to where?

My interviews and the encapsulated stories they tell are to help geologists better appreciate the many relationships that Geology has with other sciences, and how it fits with different aspects of life. I tell these stories to listeners who have the curiosity and the patience to listen.

miniGeology is a communication vessel that mixes ideas about, and within, science, industry and society.

Through miniGeology, I investigate how Earth Science progresses. Progress, as stated by Heiddeger, comes from inquiring into the ways in which each particular branch of a study is basically constituted, and not so much from producing results and storing them in manuals. Therefore, miniGeology contributes to our understanding of where Earth Science has evolved by documenting how far Earth Science is capable of a crisis in its basic concepts.


This is how I experience new realities, and how I travel through parallels and meridians, because, as Seneca said, you should change your attitude, not the sky under which you live.

This project represents an extremely useful exercise to me. I move forward with honesty and that sort of accountability necessary when you decide to reach out and be a representative of your own discipline.

—  Daniel Minisini 

PhD students from Rice Univ. expose their project about OUTREACH and COMMUNICATION and shout out their problems and ideas to y’all.

Do we really need to build consensus in society (M.Pagani)?

Historical schools of though were based on  local outcrops, today we trend towards an homogeneous way to make science (C.Cohen)

Eureka! Seismic reflectors follow time lines (P.Vail)