MATH + X Symposium on Dynamos, Planetary Exploration and General Relativity, Inverse Problems and Machine Learning

Hella, Iceland; May 29 – June 1, 2023

The Symposium focuses on simulation, analysis, inverse problems and data science on the one hand, and planetary exploration and general relativity on the other hand. Central themes include dynamos, atmospheres, planetary formation and dark matter.

Connecting observations from space missions, experimental data and theoretical formulations, directly (physical properties) and indirectly (coupling to processes), as well as enabling simulations naturally belongs to the fields of inverse problems and (scientific) machine learning. This Symposium aims to break new ground in these connections.

The Symposium will also celebrate the 60th birthday of Maarten de Hoop.Maarten de Hoop

Travel Information

Hotel: Stracta Hotel

Nearest Airport: Keflavik (KEF), Iceland

near the hotel: tour Sólheimajökull and Eyjafjallajökull

excursion: Gullfoss, Geysir and Þingvellir

Invited Speakers:

Planetary Exploration and Dynamos

Philippe Lognonné (IPGP)
Nikku Madhusudhan (Cambridge) – KEYNOTE
Raymond Pierrehumbert (Oxford) – KEYNOTE
Richard Teague (MIT)
Benjamin Weiss (MIT)

Dark Matter, Cosmology and Machine Learning

Shirley Ho (Flatiron Institute)
Siddharth Mishra-Sharma (MIT)
Chirag Modi (Flatiron Institute)
Lina Necib (MIT)

Inverse Problems, Fluid Dynamics and General Relativity

Elena Beretta (NYUAD)
Michael Brenner (Harvard)
Peter Constantin (Princeton) – KEYNOTE
Josselin Garnier (École Polytechnique, Paris)
Alexei Iantchenko (Malmö)
Joonas Ilmavirta (Jyväskylä)
Stéphane Jaffard (Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallè)
Matti Lassas (Helsinki)
Rafe Mazzeo (Stanford)
Anna Mazzucato (Penn State)
Otmar Scherzer (Vienna)

Scientific Machine Learning

Giovanni Alberti (Genoa)
Michael Bronstein (Oxford)
Ivan Dokmanić (Basel)
Michael Mahoney (Berkeley) – KEYNOTE
Stéphane Mallat (Collège de France)
Rose Yu (UC San Diego) – KEYNOTE

funded by
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MATH + X Program

This workshop is funded by the Simons Foundation under the MATH + X program: encouraging novel collaborations between mathematics and other disciplines in science and engineering.

2022 Math + X Symposium on Matter Under Extreme Conditions In Solar System Giant Planets And Exoplanets, Inverse Problems And Deep Learning

2020 Math + X Symposium on Inverse Problems and Deep Learning, Mitigating Natural Hazards

2019 Math + X Symposium on Inverse Problems and Deep Learning in Space Exploration

2018 Math + X Symposium on Data Science and Inverse Problems in Geophysics

2017 Math + X Symposium on Seismology and Inverse Problems

Organizing Committee:

Joan Bruna (NYU)
Chair: Maarten de Hoop (Rice University)
Matti Lassas (Helsinki)
Gunther Uhlmann (University of Washington, HKUST)
Robert van der Hilst  (MIT)
Benjamin Weiss  (MIT)

acknowledgement: Ómar Bjarki Smárason