Promoting EEPS research, engaging Alumni, and facilitating faculty and student science communication

EEPS is dedicated to promoting faculty research and enriching student experiences by providing a variety of pathways to public engagement.  Linda Welzenbach, EEPS science writer, came to Rice following a career in museum curation, education and outreach, to manage the alumni magazine Outcroppings, EEPS website and social media, and to help faculty with development of broader impact activities. 

Students are encouraged to participate in EEPS supported outreach committees and science communication opportunities. 

EEPS is also in the process of developing a Museum of the Earth as part of connecting with and engaging diverse local audiences.

Linda Welzenbach is a geologist with current research interests in planetary materials curation as it applies to Mars sample return preliminary examination.  She is a long-time orchid horticulturalist, judge of the American Orchid Society and amateur photographer.