The endowment fund, officially named the “Rice Earth Science Industry Symposium — E21893” was launched in 2013 by a generous contribution from Ed and Cathleen Biegert. The Endowment is designed to provide funding for the Department of Earth Science to hold an annual symposium designed to be a forum for communication between the energy industry and academic research in Earth Science. The annual symposia are intended to bring together industry scientists, academic scientists and, in particular, graduate students and post-docs, to share and discuss new and innovative advances in the Earth Sciences within a creative environment.

The endowment will be managed by Rice University and administered by the Chair of the Earth Science Department and by his/her designee. Members of the IRESS Fund-raising Committee have set themselves a goal of $500,000 and the fund stands at $170,000 as of January 2016.

IRESS 2016 will be held on February 25-26, 2016. This builds on the successes of IRESS 2015 and IRESS 2014.

Giving Instructions

Gifts to the IRESS Endowment can be made either by check or online.

  1. Please make checks out to Rice University and put “Rice Earth Science Industry Symposium — E21893” in the notes section.
  2. Checks may be mailed to:
    • Rice University
      Office of Resource Development–MS 81
      P.O. Box 1892
      Houston, TX 77251
  3. If giving online please put “Rice Earth Science Industry Symposium — E21893” in the “Special Instructions” section. The website is:
  4. You will also want to put the fund information on the forms you submit for your company match program. Again, the payment is to Rice University.
  5. If you have questions please contact Nellen Hawkins at or 713-348-5824.

Endowment Donors

Mrs. Eleanor Cozier-Abdulah & Dr. Kenneth C. Abdulah ’95

Ms. Cathleen Jo Trechter ’77 & Dr. Ed. K. Biegert ’74, ’76, ’78

Dr. Cheryl B. Mifflin ’89 & Dr. Richard Mifflin ’80

Ms. Dorothy E. Ballentine ’95 & Dr. John S. Sneider ’94

Ms. Layla Unger ’00 & Mr. Michael R. Unger ’01

Mr. John D. Jeffers ’88 & Ms. Mary Edrich

Ms. Katrina Coterill Jenkins ’91

Ms. Chingju Liu ’85

Dr. Manik Talwani, Schlumberger Professor Emeritus

Dr. Richard G. Gordon, Keck Professor of Geophysics & Department Chair

Dr. Peter A. Emmet ’96

Dr. Cal Cooper ’80, ’88 & Mrs. Carmen Cooper

Mrs. Ann Ross & Dr. Malcolm Ross ’95

Souvik Mukherjee

Dr. Kanglin Wang ’06

Mr. & Mrs. Otto Trechter

Why our alumni are supporting IRESS.

Corporate Support Opportunities – Please email