Awards and Fellowships

Award NameRecipient
American Association for the Advancement of Science FellowGordon
American Association for Petroleum Geologists Sidney Powers Award*Vail, *Bally
American Geophysical Union FellowDasgupta, Lee, Levander, Gordon, *Talwani
American Geophysical Union Kuno AwardDasgupta, Lee
American Geophysical Union Leopold AwardNittrouer
American Geophysical Union Macelwane MedalDasgupta, Gordon, *Talwani
American Geophysical Union Paul Silver Service AwardMorgan
Geochemical Society Clarke MedalDasgupta, Lee, Torres, Yeung
Geochemical Society FellowLee
Geological Society of America Day MedalGordon
Geological Society of America Donath MedalLee
Geological Society of America Fellow*Anderson, Droxler, Gordon, Lee, Lenardic, Levander, Masiello, Morgan, *Vail, *Bally
Geological Society of America Penrose Medal*Vail
Geological Society of America Woollard MedalLevander
Green Fellowship, Scripps Institution of OceanographyLevander
Guggenheim FellowshipLee, *Talwani
Humboldt Research Prize, Alexander von Humboldt FoundationLevander
ISI most highly cited authorGordon
Miller Visiting Professor Fellowship, UC BerkeleyGordon, Lee
Mineralogical Society of America FellowLee
NERC BIRPS Visiting Fellowship, Bullard Laboratory, Cambridge, UKLevander
NSF CAREER GrantDasgupta, French, Lenardic, Niu, Yeung
Office of Naval Research, Young Investigator AwardLevander
Packard FellowshipDasgupta, Lee, Yeung
Sloan Research FellowshipTorres, Gordon
Society for Sedimentary Geology Shephard Medal*Anderson