EPMA remote operation

Started May 15, 2020

Challenged by the Coronavirus pandemic and physical distancing required for our safety, our lab started the remote operation of the electron microprobe. You just have to send the samples to our lab (contact the Lab Manager – Gabi at  g.costin@rice.edu for details on booking, sample drop off, sample delivery, remote operation instructions). You will be instructed on how to connect and operate the microprobe from the comfort of your home. Changing the in-person to the remote operation of EPMA gives you the following advantages:

  1. Reducing the risk of coronavirus infection to zero, by avoiding travel and in-person interaction
  2. Saving TIME and MONEY by cutting off the travel to our lab (e.g. flight, accommodation, traffic)
  3. Controlling your own time during the remote EPMA operation (e.g. taking a snack during an EPMA run)