Booking EPMA for new users – Rice and External users

New users who have not used the microprobe before and visiting users should contact the Lab Manager ( or 713 348 2054)  to discuss their projects and arrange for instrument time needed, pricing and booking.

First time users and visiting users should consider a supervised EPMA session. Therefore they cannot book weekends and public holidays, unless this is confirmed with the Lab Manager. An additional fee will be incurred in this case.


Booking EPMA for experienced users – Rice and External users

Experienced users (users who have been trained and have used our instrument at least once, for more than 24 hours) can sign up for EPMA time using our signup procedure. In order to send an EPMA booking request to our lab, please CHECK AVAILABILITY, choose your preferred open dates, and send a request to the Lab Manager (Gabi) through e-mail (, where you mention “EPMA booking” in the subject. In your e-mail, please write your full name and the EPMA time requested (book by the hour or by session). IMPORTANT! Please add in your e-mail the following details:

Affiliation, Position, P.I. name, Org. code, Fund. code, (Phone- optional), your e-mail address, details regarding the number of the samples to be analyzed, phases and elements to be analyzed, if carbon coating is needed etc.

The EPMA Lab manager will receive your e-mail with the booking request and will confirm your booking by e-mail. The calendar will be updated with your booking dates. If you don’t see your name and hours on the calendar one day after you received the booking confirmation, (check month, date), please contact Gabi (

Booking EPMA for Commercial Contracts

Please contact the Lab Manager, Dr. Gelu (Gabi) Costin:, Tel. 713 348 2054, Cell. 832 805 1726