Holly Fortener (left) and Ben Belzer (right) building towers for an earthquake demonstration.

EEPSReach is a student-lead outreach committee with a purpose to increase diversity and inclusion in the geosciences by interacting with teachers from local, underrepresented schools, and hosting science outreach events on campus and in the Houston community. If you are interested in creating science demonstrations and educational videos, getting involved at science outreach events, or sharing science with the public, consider joining EEPSReach!

Contact Asmita Banerjee (ab98@rice.edu) or Holly Fortener (hif1@rice.edu) with questions or if you are interested in joining!

Earthquakes and Buildings

In areas where earthquakes are common, it is important for buildings to be designed to withstand shaking. This activity demonstrates how to make a sturdy structure using straws, marshmallows, and a DIY shaker table (books, rubber bands, bouncy balls)!


This experiment allows participants to visualize density of liquids and solids. Did you know oil is less dense than water?

Tectonic Plates

What are tectonic plates and how do they affect the earth? This demonstration uses rice crispy treats, graham crackers, and spray cheese to simulate the crust, tectonic plates, and mantle.


Have you ever wondering why mountains grow much taller than sand dunes? This experiment defines cohesion using dry and wet sand with a result of wet sand being more cohesive or “stronger” than dry sand.