Chengzu Wang
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B.S. Peking University, geology, 2014


Plate Tectonics, Geodynamics, Tectonophysics.

Selected Publications

Wang C, RG Gordon, T Zhang, and L Zheng, "Uncertainties in Trends of Young Hotspot Tracks." Submitted to Geophysical Research Letters, In revision.
Wang C, Gordon RG, & Zhang T, "Bounds on geologically current rates of motion of groups of hot spots." Geophysical Research Letter. 2017

Zhang T, RG Gordon, and C Wang, "Oblique seafloor spreading across intermediate and superfast spreading centers." Earth and Planetary Science Letters 495, 146-156. 2018
Zhang T, Gordon RG, Mishra JK & Wang C, "The Malpelo Plate Hypothesis and Implications for Non-closure of the Cocos-Nazca-Pacific Plate Motion Circuit." Geophysical Research Letter. 2017

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