Lindsay O. Prothro
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Bachelor of Science in Geology and Geophysics, Louisiana State University, 2013


Glacial geology, marine geology, sedimentology, stratigraphy

Selected Publications

Greenwood, S.L., Simkins, L.M., Halberstadt, A.R.W., Prothro, L.O., Anderson, J.B., Holocene reconfiguration and readvance of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet, in review with Nature Communications

Prothro, L.O., Simkins, L.M., Majewski, W. and Anderson, J.B., 2018. Glacial retreat patterns and processes determined from integrated sedimentology and geomorphology records. Marine Geology, 395, pp.104-119, doi: 10.1016/j.margeo.2017.09.012.

Simkins, L.M., Anderson, J.B., Greenwood, S.L., Gonnermann, H.M., Prothro, L.O., Halberstadt, A.R.W., Stearns, L.A., Pollard, D. and DeConto, R.M., 2017. Anatomy of a meltwater drainage system beneath the ancestral East Antarctic ice sheet. Nature Geoscience, 10(9), pp.691-697, doi: 10.1038/NGEO3012.

Yokoyama, Y., Anderson, J.B., Yamane, M., Simkins, L.M., Miyairi, Y., Yamazaki, T., Koizumi, M., Suga, H., Kusahara, K., Prothro, L., Hasumi, H., Southon, F.R., Ohkouchi, N. 2016. Widespread collapse of the Ross Ice Shelf during the late Holocene. Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences 113: 2354-2359.

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