Andrew J. Moodie

Room Number: KWGL 230B


B.S. Earth and Environmental Science with High Honors and Dept. Honors -- Lehigh University, 2014


sediment transport, geomorphology, stratigraphy, bedforms


My PhD research focuses on the Huanghe (Yellow River), China. The Huanghe is an end-member fluvial system as it is characterized by very high suspended sediment concentrations, variable water discharge over annual and decadal timescales, and dramatic anthropogenic influences. In the upper reaches of Lower Huanghe, dams and a sudden decrease in channel slope sequester massive volumes of sediment that have superelevated the channel bed with respect to the floodplain. In the lower reaches of the Lower Huanghe, the unique characteristics of the river combine to produce rapid channel bed aggradation that results in frequent overbank flooding and river avulsions. My research seeks to advance the science regarding long-term fluvial-deltaic evolution through comprehensive numerical models of the Huanghe and detailed field observation. A broad aim of this research is to forward model delta growth for sustainable river-engineering practices, and therefore there is application to management of deltaic landscapes globally.

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