James Eguchi

(909) 263-9255


B.S. Geology University of California Los Angeles 2012
M.S. Geology University of California Los Angeles 2014

Awards & Honors

Clarence Hall Summer Field Award - 2012
UCLA Earth & Space Science Truex Fellowship - 2012
UCLA Earth & Space Science Departmental Fellowship - 2013
Rice University Additional Stipend Awarded to Top Candidates - 2014-Present


carbon cycle, carbonates, calcite solubility, brines, graphite, eclogite, high P-T experiments


My research is focused on how carbon is cycled in Earth's interior. The mains agents of carbon transport within the earth are fluids, which include aqueous fluids and silicate melts. I work in the high pressure experimental lab to constrain how much carbon these fluids are capable of mobilizing. An important part of this research is to determine how changing conditions (pressure, temperature, oxygen fugacity, dissolved solutes) affect the solubility of carbon in fluids. With the empirical constraints provided by experiments we can model the carbon fluxes in different geologic settings, and gain more insight into the global carbon cycle.

Selected Publications

Eguchi, James. 2014. Experimental determination of calcite solubility in H2O-KCl-NaCl-LiCl solutions at 700 °C and 8 kbar. UCLA Electronic Theses and Dissertations.

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