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Rahul Sudhakar is the Team Lead for a Geopressure Services at Berger
Geosciences, with over four years of technical experience in the
field of geomechanics with a focus in stress estimation, rock physics,
and pore pressure prediction. He was sponsored in 2017 by the
organization to pursue a Master¹s degree in Subsurface Geoscience with
a research focus in developing proprietary pore pressure modelling
technology and accompanying business strategies. While pursuing his
education at Rice University he maintains his full time role within
the organization by directly applying the concepts learned and
providing technical guidance to ongoing projects. Rahul received his
Bachelor¹s of Science degree in Geology from Texas A&M University with
an award winning undergraduate research project in Geochronology. He
has a strong knowledge of geomechanics and pore pressure theory, and
has worked with the latest software tools and drilling technology to
conduct studies both pre-drill and during real-time drilling
operations. He has experience working in both onshore and offshore
settings for basins in the GOM, Eastern North America, Central Europe,
Middle East, West Africa, China, and Southeast Asia. He is familiar
with contemporary models and algorithms used to predict pore pressures
generated by both undercompaction and late stage pressure generating


BSc Geology - Texas A&M University - 2013


Geologist, Petrophysicist, Geomechanics, Pore Pressure Prediction, Well Log Analyst, Drilling Parameter Interpretation, Seismic Data Interpretation, Code Development, Texas A&M University

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