Hans Ave Lallemant

Emeritus Professor



University of Leiden (The Netherlands)

BA Geology, 1960;
MA Geology, 1964;
Ph.D. Geology, 1967

Awards & Honors

Basic Research Award (1981) from U.S. National Committee for Rock Mechanics (National Academy of Science, National Research Council, National Academy of Engineering)
Corresponding Member, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Science, Fellow of the Geological Society of America, Sigma Xi


structural geology


My research deals mainly with the kinematics of deformation in convergent and transform plate boundaries. The areas I am working in today are in Venezuela (Leeward Antilles, Cordillera de la Costa belt, Villa de Cura complex, Serrania del Interior foreland fold and thrust belt), and Guatemala. In all these areas, plate convergence was or still is strongly oblique to subparallel to the plate boundary zone. In such cases of oblique convergence, displacement partitioning occurs. The (sub)normal component of the convergence vector causes orogen- or arc-(sub)normal shortening (folds, thrust faults); the orogen- or arc-parallel component causes simple-shear deformation and plate-boundary-parallel migration of the forearc and often of the arc region. If the arc is arcuate (the general case), arc-parallel extension might occur (arc-perpendicular normal faults).

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