Maarten V. de Hoop

Simons Chair And Professor Of CAAM And Earth Science

Room Number: 2036 Duncan Hall


PhD - Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
MSc - Utrecht University, Netherlands
BSc - Utrecht University, Netherlands

Awards & Honors

1996 Clarence Karcher Award, Society of Exploration Geophysicists ;
2001 Award for young scientists, International Society for Analysis, its Applications and Computation, 2001.


seismology, geophysics, modeling


Multi-dimensional imaging, inverse scattering, and tomography
Nonlinear inverse boundary value problems: direct and iterative reconstruction
Geometric inverse problems
Development of multiscale methods and nonlinear theories of generalized functions applied to scattering and inverse scattering in media of low regularity, and in highly discontinuous and random media
Coupled multi-physics modelling
Large-scale computational modeling of acoustic, elastic and electromagnetic wave phenomena in complex media and fast iterative methods for nonlinear inverse problems
Development of approvaches based on tecniques from microlocal analysis and computational harmonic analysis, structured matrix based methods, and massively parallel algorithms.

Selected Publications

Multiple seismic reflectors in Earth’s lowermost mantle, PNAS 111 (2014) 2442-2446 , with X. Shang, S.-H. Shim and R.D. van der Hilst

Reverse-time migration-based reflection tomography using teleseismic free surface multiples, Geoph. J. Int. 196 (2013) 996-1017 , with S. Burdick, R.D. van der Hilst and S. Wang

‘Enhanced and specular backscattering in random media’ , Waves in Random and Complex Media 22 (2012) 505-530 , with J. Garnier and K. Sølna

‘Massively parallel structured multifrontal solver for time-harmonic elastic waves in 3D anisotropic media’ , Geoph. J. Int. 191 (2012) 346-366 , with S. Wang, J. Xia and X.S. Li

‘Beyond receiver functions: Passive source Reverse Time Migration and inverse scattering of converted waves’, Geophys. Res. Lett. 39 (2012) doi:10.1029/2012GL052289 , with X. Shang and R.D. van der Hilst

‘Imaging with noise blending’ , Contemp. Math. 577 (2012) 105-124 , with E. Fedrizzi, J. Garnier and K. Sølna

‘Kinematic time migration and demigration of reflections in pre-stack seismic data’ , Geoph. J. Int. 189 (2012) 1635-1666 , with E. Iversen, M. Tygel and B. Ursin V