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I am an experienced professional with over 15 years of technical expertise in greenhouse gas, carbon, sustainability and ecosystem services assessment in a broad range of ecosystems and global locations.

I currently lead the soil carbon and GHG assessment of biofuels at a technical and policy level, providing support to strategy and business planning in the renewable fuels area for Shell. I am responsible for developing and assessing alternative carbon management technologies related to biofuel sustainability, and their policy and technical feasibility.

Specialties: global project management, contract negotiation, stakeholder engagement, soil carbon and greenhouse gas measurement and assessment, stable isotope probing, microbial ecology, biogeochemistry, ecosystem services assessment. Developing stable isotope spatial mapping approaches to exploration and leak detection in the oil and gas industry.


PhD The University of Edinburgh - 2005
BSc The University of Salford - 1999


soil, carbon, bioenergy, sustainability, ecosystem services, GHG, biomass, stable isotopes, leak detection, biochar, carbon sequestration

Selected Publications

Cherubin M. R., Franco A. L. C., Cerri C. E. P., Karlen, D. L., Pavinato P. S., Davies C. A., and Cerri C. C. (2016) Phosphorous pools responses to land-use change for sugarcane expansion in weathered Brazilian soils. Geoderma, 265, 27-38.

Silva-Olaya A. M., Cerri, C. E. P., Williams S., Cerri C. C., Davies C. A., and Paustian K. (2016) Modelling SOC response to land use change and management practices in sugarcane cultivation in South-Central Brazil. Plant and Soil, 1-16.

Silva-Olaya A. M., Paustian K., Davies C. A., Cherubin M. R., Franco A. L. C., Cerri, C. C., and Cerri, C. E. P. (2016) Soil carbon changes in areas undergoing expansion of sugarcane into pastures in south-central Brazil. Agriculture Ecosystems and Environment, 228, 38-48.

Robertson A. D., Whitaker J., Morrison R., Davies C. A., Smith P., and McNamara N. (2016) A Miscanthus plantation can be carbon neutral without increasing soil carbon. Global Change Biology Bioenergy, doi:10.1111/gcbb.12397.

Robertson A. D., Davies C. A., Smith P., Stott, A. W., Clark E. L., and McNamara N. (2016) Carbon inputs from Miscanthus displace older soil organic carbon without induced priming. BioEnergy Research, doi:10.1007/s12155-016-9772-9.

Cherubin M. R., Karlen, D. L., Franco A. L. C., Tormena C. A., Cerri C. E. P., Davies C. A., and Cerri C. C. (2016) Soil quality indexing strategies for evaluating sugarcane expansion in Brazil. PloS one, 11 (3), 1-26.

Cherubin M. R., Karlen, D. L., Franco A. L. C., Tormena C. A., Cerri C. E. P., Davies C. A., and Cerri C. C. (2016) Soil physical quality response to sugarcane expansion in Brazil. Geoderma (267), 156-168.

Teague, W.R., Apfelbaum, S., Lal, R., Kreuter, U.P., Rowntree, J., Davies, C.A., Conser R., Rasmussen, M., Hatfield, J., Wang, T., Wang F., and Byck, P. (2016) The role of ruminants in reducing agriculture’s carbon footprint in North America. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, 71 (2), 156-164.

Cherubin M. R., Franco A. L. C., Cerri C. E. P., da Silva Oliviera M., Davies C. A., and Cerri C. C. (2015) Sugarcane expansion in Brazilian tropical soils – Effects of land use change on soil chemical attributes. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment (211), 173-184.

Franco A. L. C., Cherubin M. R., Pavinato P. S., Cerri C. E. P., Six J., Davies C. A., and Cerri C. C. (2015) Soil carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous changes under sugarcane expansion in Brazil. Science of The Total Environment (515), 30-38.

Robertson A. D., Davies C. A., Smith P., Dondini M., and McNamara N. (2015) Modelling the carbon cycle of Miscanthus plantations: existing models, current validation efforts and future development. Global Change Biology Bioenergy (7), 405-421.

Mello F. F., Cerri C. E. P., Davies C. A., Galdos M. V., Holbrook M., Paustian K., Maia S. M. F., Bernoux M., and Cerri C. C. (2014) Soil carbon and sugarcane ethanol payback time. Nature Climate Change (4), 605-609.

Brewer C. E., Chuang V. J., Masiello C. A., Gonnermann H., Gao X., Dugan B., Driver L. E., Panzacchi P., Zygourakis K., and Davies C. A. (2014) Production controls on the density and porosity of biochar. Biomass and Bioenergy (66), 176-185.

Goldemberg J., Mello F. F., Cerri C. E. P., Davies C. A., and Cerri C. C. (2014) Meeting the global demand for biofuels in 2021 through sustainable land use change policy. Energy Policy. (69), 14-18.

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