Hongbo Ma

Postdoctoral Research Associate

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2014 Ph.D. in Hydraulic Engineering, Tsinghua University, China
2012 Visiting Scholar in Lab. of Environmental Hydraulics, EPFL, Switzerland
2009 B.S in Computer Science, Tsinghua University, China
2009 B.S in Hydraulic Engineering, Tsinghua University, China

Awards & Honors

2014 Excellent Ph. D. Thesis Award of Tsinghua University
2014 Excellent Graduate Student of Beijing City
2012 National Fellowship for Excellent Graduated Students
2012 Excellent Young Researcher Award from Ministry of Education of P. R. China
2011 National Fellowship for Joint Education of Graduate Student
2010 First-class Prize in the 253th Tsinghua University Research Symposium
2009 Best Bachelor Dissertation Award of Tsinghua University


Sediment Transport, Geomorphology, Two-phase flow, Stochastic Modeling, Environmental Fluid Mechanics

Selected Publications

Ma, H. B., Nittrouer, J., Naito, K., Fu, X. D., Zhang, Y. F., Moodie, A., Wang Y. J., Wu B. S., and Parker, G. The exceptional sediment load of fine-grained dispersal systems: example of the Yellow River, China. Science Advances, 2017, 3: e1603114.
Ma, H. B., Heyman, J., Fu, X. D., Mettra, F., Ancey, C. and Parker, G. Bedload transport over a broad range of time scales: determination of three regimes of fluctuations. Journal of Geophysical Research-Earth Surface, 2014, 119(12): 2653-2673. (Nominated as Editor’s Highlight)
Heyman, J., Ma, H. B., Mettra, F., and Ancey, C. Spatial correlations in bed load transport: Evidence, importance, and modeling. Journal of Geophysical Research-Earth Surface, 2014, 119(8): 1751-1767. link
Ma, H. B., Fu X. D. A stochastic formulation for particle kinetics in the wall-bounded two-phase flow. Science China-Technological Sciences, 2014, 57(10):2001-2011. link
Heyman, J., Mettra, F., Ma, H. B. and Ancey, C. Statistics of bedload transport over steep slopes: Separation of time scales and collective motion, Geophysical Research Letters, 2012, 40(1):128-133. link
Ma, H. B., Fu, X. D. Real time prediction approach for floods caused by failure of natural dams due to overtopping. Advances in Water Resources, 2011, 35:10-19. link

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