Joyeeta Bhattacharya

Room Number: 212

Biographical Info

I am a PhD candidate (August 2015 - present) in the Department of Earth Science, Rice University. I am interested in studying Sedimentology and low temperature geochemistry and also how these fields are applicable in hydrocarbon exploration. Apart from these geological interests, I am particularly interested in travelling to different places and trying different types of cuisines around the world.


PhD candidate, 2015-present
Master of Science, (Applied Geology), Jadavpur University, 2012-2014
Bachelor of Science, (Geological Sciences), Jadavpur University, 2009-2012

Awards & Honors

2018-NSF-USSP Scholarship
2018-NSF-IODP Expedition 371 Post Expedition funding
2018-GSA Travel Grant
2017-Shipboard Scientist in IODP Expedition 371 (Zealandia Exploration)
2012-Summer Research Fellowship, Indian Academy of Sciences


Sedimentology, Stable Isotope Geochemistry, Carbon cycle, Marine Geology

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