Colin Zelt


Room Number: KWGL 311
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Ph.D. Geophysics, 1989 University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
B.Sc. Physics & Applied Math, 1984: University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada


seismology, inverse methods, near-surface geophysics


My primary research interests include the development, assessment and application of seismic modeling and inversion techniques for studies of the near-surface (upper 100m) for environmental and engineering studies. More specifically, this includes 2D and 3D traveltime inversion and tomography methods, including a newly developed frequency-dependent form of tomography that is applicable to controlled-source (picked) traveltime data. My students and I also apply 2D full waveform tomography methods to P-wave and SH-wave data.

We develop models of the seismic properties of the subsurface in two- and three-dimensions using controlled sources and seismic refraction/wide-angle reflection data. We may interpret these models along with existing information that may include surface geology, well data, or results from seismic reflection or gravity studies. I sometimes get involved in acquiring seismic data with colleagues at Rice and other institutions. Finally, I am also interested in, and teach an introductory course in, geophysical inverse theory.

Selected Publications

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