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Holly I. Fortener
Room Number: KWGL 232B
Fall 2020
Tanyel Baykut
Room Number: KWGL 210
Google Scholar Link
Fall 2018 Research Summary:

My Master’s research will focus on reef upper slope morphologies in Belize and in particular focusing on identify drowned Terraces, Notches, and Overhangs and other morphological features, among them, drowned Barrier Reefs and Spurs and Groves. My initial research, starting in Spring 2019 semester and 2019 summer, will consist of processing the MBES data sets and then display the overall bathymetry of Lighthouse Reef upper slopes, develop some interpretation in terms of sea level fluctuations in the Late Quaternary mostly in the water depth range of a few m down to 150 m, and perhaps in the Plio-Early Quaternary for the depth range as deep as 400m.

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