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Dagmar K. Beck

Director, Professional Science Master's Program

Room Number: 203 Keck Hall
(713) 348-3188
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Managing programs in Subsurface Geoscience, Environmental Analysis, Nanoscale Science, Bioscience and Health Policy and Space Studies in the Wiess School of Natural Sciences and engineering professional master's in Computational Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Statistics, Chemical and Bimolecular Engineering, Bioengineering, Material Science and Nanoengineering, Civil Environmental Engineering, and others

Martha Lou Broussard

Alumni liaison and departmental historian

Room Number: 122 Keith Wiess Geology Lab
(713) 348-4492
Travis Cochran
Room Number: 126 Keith Wiess Geology Lab
(713) 348-2161
Bryn Porter. Dugre

Department Operations Administrator

Room Number: 111 Keith Wiess Geology Lab
(713) 348-2558
Sandra Flechsig

Department Coordinator

Room Number: 122 Keith Wiess Geology Lab
(713) 348-3326
Denise Mayberry

Program Administrator

Room Number: 114 Keith Wiess Geology Lab
(713) 348-3574
Meagan McKellar

Graduate and Academic Program Administrator

Room Number: KWGL 112
(713) 348-6068


Main point of contact for graduate students regarding program policies and guidelines. Accreditation, recruiting, seminar series coordination, room reservations, general department support.

Earth Science Pokemon

virtual sentinel who looks after the Earth Science department
Linda Welzenbach

ESCI Science Writer

Room Number: 117 Keith Wiess Geology Lab
(713) 348-5107
Lee Willson

Senior Department Administrator

Room Number: 115 Keith Wiess Geology Lab
(713) 348-6219
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