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Gelu Costin


Room Number: KWGL 329
(713) 348-2054
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EPMA, Mineralogy, Thermodynamic modelling, Mantle petrology, Eclogites, Bushveld Complex

Research Summary:

Mineralogy, Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology (layered intrusions, mantle petrology and geochemistry, kimberlites, eclogites)

Xiaodong Gao
Room Number: KWGL 201
(713) 348-4114


charcoal, carbon cycle & sequestration, aqueous-solid interfacial reactions, contaminant speciation, spectroscopic techniques (e.g., NMR, FTIR).

Research Summary:

Biogeochemical processes controlling carbon cycling in geomedia; biochar soil amendment; surface and colloid chemistry of aqueous systems; multi-faceted approaches to contaminant speciation in environmental media; mineral-contaminants interfacial reactions

Tao Sun
Room Number: KWGL 330B
(713) 348-4054
Kyusei Tsuno

Research Scientist/Lab Manager

Room Number: KWGL 103
(713) 348-2144


Experimental petrology, Earth's deep interior, Deep volatiles cycling, Earth's and Planetary differentiation