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Visiting Student Xun Yu
Room Number: 325


Mantle Geochemistry, Isotopes, Anatexis

Research Summary:

I am working on the Cenozoic basalts from eastern China and peritectic garnet from southeastern Spain.

Visiting Student Qinci Li
Room Number: Room 320
Fall 2016


Visiting Scientist Caroline Beghein
Room Number: 318
Google Scholar Link
Spring 2017

Earth’s interior, transition zone, D”, mantle deformation, seismic tomography, seismic anisotropy, mantle, inner core, forward modeling, surface waves, free oscillations, lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary, mantle flow, inverse problems

Research Summary:

I focus on modeling Earth’s interior using seismic tomography, i.e. I use seismic data and numerical methods to image the structure of the Earth’s interior, with the ultimate goal of understanding the physical processes that take place inside our planet. I also put a particular effort into obtaining reliable model uncertainties and assessing the robustness of the features seen in those models.

Undergraduate Student Jack Sheehan
Fall 2017
Undergraduate Student Sarah Preston
Fall 2019
Thesis Masters Student Julie Perez
Fall 2021
Thesis Masters Student Emory Mckenzie
Room Number: 210

Staff Dagmar K. Beck

Director, Professional Science Master's Program

Room Number: 203 Keck Hall
(713) 348-3188


Managing programs in Subsurface Geoscience, Environmental Analysis, Nanoscale Science, Bioscience and Health Policy and Space Studies in the Wiess School of Natural Sciences and engineering professional master's in Computational Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Statistics, Chemical and Bimolecular Engineering, Bioengineering, Material Science and Nanoengineering, Civil Environmental Engineering, and others

Staff Denise Mayberry

Program Administrator

Room Number: 114 Keith Wiess Geology Lab
(713) 348-3574

Staff Sandra Flechsig

Department Coordinator

Room Number: 122 Keith Wiess Geology Lab
(713) 348-3326

Staff Martha Lou Broussard

Alumni liaison and departmental historian

Room Number: 122 Keith Wiess Geology Lab
(713) 348-4492

Staff Travis Cochran
Room Number: 126 Keith Wiess Geology Lab
(713) 348-2161

Staff Linda Welzenbach

ESCI Science Writer

Room Number: 117 Keith Wiess Geology Lab
(713) 348-5107

Research Scientist Kyusei Tsuno

Research Scientist/Lab Manager

Room Number: KWGL 103
(713) 348-2144


Experimental petrology, Earth's deep interior, Deep volatiles cycling, Earth's and Planetary differentiation

Research Scientist Gelu Costin


Room Number: KWGL 329
(713) 348-2054
Google Scholar Link


EPMA, Mineralogy, Thermodynamic modelling, Mantle petrology, Eclogites, Bushveld Complex

Research Summary:

Mineralogy, Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology (layered intrusions, mantle petrology and geochemistry, kimberlites, eclogites)

Research Scientist Xiaodong Gao
Room Number: KWGL 201
(713) 348-4114


charcoal, carbon cycle & sequestration, aqueous-solid interfacial reactions, contaminant speciation, spectroscopic techniques (e.g., NMR, FTIR).

Research Summary:

Biogeochemical processes controlling carbon cycling in geomedia; biochar soil amendment; surface and colloid chemistry of aqueous systems; multi-faceted approaches to contaminant speciation in environmental media; mineral-contaminants interfacial reactions

Research Scientist Tao Sun
Room Number: KWGL 330B
(713) 348-4054

Research Scientist Yueyang Jiang
Room Number: KWGL 305


Data Science, Machine learning, Earth System Modeling, Model-Data Fusion, Biogeochemistry, Vegetation Dynamics

Research Summary:

Yueyang is a data scientist with interests in data mining, machine learning, and 3D-Vision. He is also an earth system modeler focused on atmosphere-biosphere interactions, biogeophysical and biogeochemical processes in boreal and arctic regions.

Professional Master Student Abdulaziz Aldarah
Spring 2018
Professional Master Student Shannon Castro
Fall 2018
Professional Master Student Julio Enriquez
Fall 2019
Professional Master Student Syed Moosavi
Fall 2019
Professional Master Student Kevin Ong
Fall 2019
Professional Master Student Nguyen Phan
Fall 2018
Professional Master Student Baijing Sun
Fall 2018
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