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Adjunct Ken C. Abdulah

Adjunct Vitor Abreu

Faculty Francis Albarede

Wiess Visiting Professor
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geochemistry, petrology, cosmochemistry

Research Summary:

Francis is an isotope geochemist with wide interests, such as planetary differentiation, cosmochemistry, geochemical modeling, biogeochemistry, medicine, geodynamics and geo-archaeology.

Faculty John B. Anderson

Maurice Ewing Professor of Oceanography

Room Number: KWGL 208
(713) 348-4884
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sedimentology, marine geology, cryosphere studies

Research Summary:

John, a sedimentologist, splits his time between studying fluvial and coastal processes in the Gulf of Mexico and the geological record of ice sheet movements in Antarctica, all in the context of Global Climate Change.

Undergraduate Student Naod Araya

Postdoctoral Fellow Jeanine Ash

Center for Dark Energy Biosphere Postdoctoral Investigator
Masiello Lab

clumped isotopes, biogeochemistry, methane, deep biosphere

Past Farah Ashraf
Graduated May 2016
Past Hans Ave Lallemant

Emeritus Professor

(713) 348-4889


structural geology

Research Summary:

Hans is a structural geologist interested in how the crust deforms during mountain building and along transform margins.

Friend Sofia Avendano
Graduated May 2017
Professional Master Student Shola Ayandele
Fall 2015
Undergraduate Student Kendra Baldwin

Emeritus Albert W. Bally

Emeritus Professor

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geology, exploration geophysics

Research Summary:

Bert, former head of research at Shell and past chair of the department, is a geologist who brings together geophysics and field relations to investigate the origin and evolution of mountain belts and sedimentary basins

PhD Student Asmita Banerjee
Room Number: KWGL 322
Fall 2017
Friend Yifei Bao
Fall 2015 - Graduated May 2017
PhD Student Eric A. Barefoot
Room Number: 230B
(336) 416-3323
Fall 2016
Undergraduate Student Kyle Bartsch

Staff Dagmar K. Beck

Director, Professional Science Master's Program

Room Number: 203 Keck Hall
(713) 348-3188


Managing programs in Subsurface Geoscience, Environmental Analysis, Nanoscale Science, Bioscience and Health Policy and Space Studies in the Wiess School of Natural Sciences and engineering professional master's in Computational Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Statistics, Chemical and Bimolecular Engineering, Bioengineering, Material Science and Nanoengineering, Civil Environmental Engineering, and others

Visiting Scientist Caroline Beghein
Room Number: 318
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Spring 2017

Earth’s interior, transition zone, D”, mantle deformation, seismic tomography, seismic anisotropy, mantle, inner core, forward modeling, surface waves, free oscillations, lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary, mantle flow, inverse problems

Research Summary:

I focus on modeling Earth’s interior using seismic tomography, i.e. I use seismic data and numerical methods to image the structure of the Earth’s interior, with the ultimate goal of understanding the physical processes that take place inside our planet. I also put a particular effort into obtaining reliable model uncertainties and assessing the robustness of the features seen in those models.

PhD Student Katherine Begland
Room Number: KWGL 305
Fall 2017
PhD Student Ben Belzer
Room Number: KWGL 210
Fall 2017
PhD Student Joyeeta Bhattacharya
Room Number: 212


Sedimentology, Stable Isotope Geochemistry, Carbon cycle, Marine Geology

Research Summary:

I am currently working on deep marine sediments to understand what impact climate changes (especially through Eocene) had on ocean floor sedimentation. My other interest is to tie up these deep ocean sedimentary dynamics with changes in deposition pattern in shallow marine setting in times of extreme warmth, like PETM and early Eocene Hyperthermals.

Adjunct Kevin Biddle
Room Number: 218
(713) 348-4675

Professional Master Student Kimberly Birjue

PhD Student David G. Blank
Room Number: 232B
Fall 2015
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