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Adjunct Kevin Biddle
Room Number: 218
(713) 348-4675

Professional Master Student Kimberly Birjue

PhD Student David G. Blank
Room Number: KWGL 232B
Fall 2015
Past Austin Blaser
Graduated August 2016

volcanism, Hawaii, two-phase flow, bubbles, solubility, numerical modeling, deformation

Research Summary:

My thesis focused on how magma is transported from depth to the surface at Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii. A great natural laboratory for this is Hawaii, where a long-lived eruption is ongoing (1983-present).

Wiess Visiting Professor Janne Blichert-Toft

Wiess Visiting Professor
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Research Summary:

Janne is an isotope geochemisty interested in planetary differentiation, the origin and evolution of continents, and cosmochemistry.

PhD Student Jackson Borchardt
Room Number: KWGL 319
Fall 2018

Past Jackson S. Borchardt

Past Lin Boynton

Research Assistant

Research Summary:

Using synthetic biology to develop a microbial biosensor for use in soil systems.

Staff Martha Lou Broussard

Alumni liaison and departmental historian

Room Number: 122 Keith Wiess Geology Lab
(713) 348-4492

Past Rachel Buissereth

PhD Student Svetlana Burris
Room Number: KWGL 232A

PhD Student Ao Cai
Room Number: KWGL 320
Fall 2016

seismology, near-surface geophysics

Research Summary:

Maximum likelihood framework time-domain full-waveform inversion
Variable grid traveltime and waveform inversion

Past Wenrong Cao


Magmatism-tectonism-climate interaction, evolutions of continents

Research Summary:

I am interested in the structures and evolutions of continental arcs and how the geological processes (e.g. magmatism, tectonism, erosion) contribute to the formation of continents and their impacts on global climate.

PhD Student Brandee Carlson
Room Number: KWGL 230B

Friend Laura B. Carter


science communication, outreach, experimental petrology, geochemistry, carbon, volcanic degassing

Research Summary:

Experimental investigation into the geochemical (mineral, melt, fluid composition) interaction between subvolcanic magma (and hydrothermal fluids) particularly in continental arcs, and crustal carbonate, quantifying volcanic CO2 emissions

Undergraduate Student Simon Chan

Friend Chia-Jui Chang
Graduated May 2018
Professional Master Student Rui Chang
Fall 2017
Past Jianxiong Chen

Past Min Chen

Research Scientist

Room Number: 318
(713) 348-2515


Geophysics, full waveform tomography, ambient noise, earthquakes, tectonics, lithospheric structure, mantle melt

Research Summary:

Seismic tomography of the crust and the upper mantle. Interpretations of seismic images regarding the formation of tectonic units such as plateaus, basins, and orogens.

PhD Student Proteek Chowdhury
Room Number: KWGL 213
(832) 705-2385


Experimental Petrology, Geochemistry, Igneous processes, sulfur in subduction zone

Research Summary:

I am interested in Earth's deep sulfur cycle, the fate of sulfur at subduction zones and deep mantle processes that constrain the stability and mobility of sulfur and it's phases in our planet.

Past Xu Chu
Room Number: 325
Google Scholar Link
Summer 2016

Petrology, Metamorphism, Thermodyanmics, Decarbonation

Research Summary:

I have a long-standing research interest in developing petrological thermodynamics and kinetics. I combine the modeling tools with field geology and geochemistry, to understand the histories recorded in natural rocks and the tectonic evolution of orogenic belts.

Staff Travis Cochran
Room Number: 126 Keith Wiess Geology Lab
(713) 348-2161

PhD Student Trevor Cole
Room Number: KWGL 230A
Summer 2017
Past Cailey B. Condit
Google Scholar Link


structural geology, metamorphic petrology, deformation mechanisms, strain localization, seismic anisotropy, geochronology, orogenic architecture, subduction zone geology