Delta V Plus IRMS

Department of Earth Science

6100 Main Street, Keith-Wiess Geological Laboratory, Houston, TX, 77005, Room 330

The Delta V Plus IRMS at Rice University in connected to a GasBench II and a Flash EA and has the capability of determining hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur isotopic ratios from mg sized samples.

GasBench II for determining δ¹³C and δ¹8O values of CO2 of carbonates.

Flash EA for determining δ¹5N, δ¹³C, δ³4S, δD, and δ¹8O values of solid samples. The Flash EA contains both a high and low temperature reactor and includes a pyrolysis reactor that acts as a TCEA.


*Prices are for each analysis

Rice: users associated with Rice University

External Academic: users associated with other academic institutions besides Rice University

Commercial: all other users


Workday: business day analyses

Weekend and Public Holiday: analyses conducted during the weekend or on public holidays. This rate is only allowed for users that have prior experience with this instrument and can confidently analyze samples on their own.

Assisted: All users initially require assistance from the laboratory manager until they have become familiar with the instrument.

Independent: Users that regularly analyze samples in our lab can eventually analyze their samples independently at this lowered rate.

If you are interested in analyzing samples in our lab please contact the laboratory manager:

Tao Sun (

Department of Earth Science
Rice University
6100 Main Street, Keith-Wiess Geological Laboratory, MS-126
Houston, TX, 77005