ESCI 555-Following carbon (Fall 2017)


Rajdeep Dasgupta, Andre Droxler, Melodie French, Helge Gonnermann, Cin-Ty Lee, Adrian Lenardic, Caroline Masiello, Jeff Nittrouer, Mark Torres, Laurence Yeung

tentative list of topics


Deep Earth and planetary carbon – Dasgupta group

Deep Earth-atmosphere interactions from mantle dynamics perspective – Lenardic group

Tectonism, magmatism and carbon cycling – Lee group

Weathering and carbonate precipitation – Torres group

Sedimentary processes – Nittrouer group

Sedimentary basins and stratigraphy –

Carbonate systems – Droxler group

Ocean-atmosphere carbon cycling – Yeung group

Soil carbon – Masiello

Climate through time

Origin of shale source rocks


ESCI 557 – Planetary Habitability (fall 2015)

ESCI 562 – Magmas, from source to surface (fall 2015)

Fall, 2015

Instructors: Kiser, Dasgupta, Gonnermann, Lee, Levander, Morgan, Niu, Lenardic

MONDAY: 12-1 PM, RM 327


We will conclude the seminar with a discussion on the effect of local stresses on volcanic eruptions (Gudmundsson, 2006).


The MASH zone will be discussed this week (Hildreth and Moorbath, 1988).

11/02/15 & 11/09/15

This week we will discuss a review paper on magma reservoir differentiation (Jaupart and Tait, 1995).

Suggested Reading:

Kerr et al., 1989

Worster et al., 1990

Worster, 1997


The formation of large silicic magma reservoirs will be discussed this week (Jellinek and DePaolo, 2003).


Transitioning to subduction zones, we will discuss a paper on melt formation in the mantle wedge (England and Katz, 2010).


This week we will discuss melt conduits in the mantle section of the Oman ophiolite (Braun and Kelemen, 2002).


Expanding on our discussion of mid-ocean ridges, we will discuss a paper on the Oman ophiolite (Kelemen et al., 1997).


This week we will transition to the magmatic systems associated with mid-ocean ridges.  Two papers on seismic surveys over the East Pacific Rise and Juan de Fuca Ridge will be discussed (Kent et al., 2000Carbotte et al., 2012).


This week our discussion will be motivated by two short, nontechnical papers published in Elements in 2008 (Miller and Wark, 2008Bachmann and Bergantz, 2008).


This week we will discuss a 2015 seismic study published in Science by Huang et al. which images new details of the magmatic system beneath Yellowstone. As suggested by Helge, the 2009 review paper by Smith et al. is a good starting point if you want more background on previous work at Yellowstone.


Here you can download the powerpoint presentation of the Huang et al., 2015 paper.

Below there are three papers on the crustal structure of the Snake River Plain.  The first two papers are results from a rather old refraction experiment along and across the SRP. The third is a more modern study using receiver functions from an array across the SRP. Just look at the figures of the crustal models.