AAPG Student EXPO -Houston – Sept 8th and 9th


The registration for the Annual AAPG Student EXPO – Houston is open. Please check the link below.

If you want to present a poster in the AAPG Student Expo then submit the Abstract and register for the event on the link below asap (the slots will be filled within 1-2 days). Therefore do it asap!!

If you just want to attend the event and meet the recruiters then it is recommended to register for the event by the end of this week.


If you have any questions then kindly let me know.

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Dear All,

As the President of the Rice AAPG Student Chapter it is my pleasure to announce a new event – AAPG RIGS (Rice Industry Geoscience Series), which will take place during the month of September this year. This event  is to inform and assist students in their employment search endeavors within the Oil & Gas industry. The format of the event is organized in such a way that students can get more exposure to the Industry Professionals in terms of networking as well as recruitment.

AAPG RIGS format

–        The event will is scheduled for three consecutive Fridays, September 16th, 23rd, and 30th, 4:00-5:00 PM.
–        16th September – Career Info session – a discussion with industry professionals about careers in Geoscience (Oil and Gas), + Resume Review session – (details to follow)
–        23rd September – 3 student talks followed by networking session over some snacks and beverages
–        30th September – 16 student posters with a parallel networking session

All undergrads, professional masters, and grad students are invited to participate. You are requested to submit an abstract by 5th August at aapg@rice.edu.  Please state whether you would  like to give a presentation or have a poster. The candidates will be shortlisted by a review committee consisting of Rice professors and Industry professionals. If you are travelling, or on field trip and cannot submit the abstract before the deadline then kindly let me know at pk15@rice.edu, and we could arrange something.

I would like to request you all to attend all the events as you never know which contact you make could lead into an internship or a job.

If you have any questions or suggestions then kindly let us know.

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Best Regards,
Pankaj Khanna
AAPG Rice President

PhD Candidate
Rice – Earth Science

AAPG Annual Convention & Exhibition, Calgary (2016)

Students, staff, professors, and alumni  from Rice University, Department of Earth Science attended the AAPG, Annual Convention & Exhibition, Calgary 2016 from June 20th – June 23rd.

Faculty – André W. Droxler

Adjunct – Vitor Abreu, Paul M. (Mitch) Harris, Stephanie Shipp

Alumni –  Vitor Abreu, Martha Lou Broussard, Gary Couples, Gulce Dinc, Hunter Lockhart, Bob Milam, Jack Neal, Stephanie Shipp, Joan Spaw, Richard Spaw, Nana Xu, and Jim Tucker

Students – Heath H. Hopson and Pankaj Khanna


The list of talks and poster presentations given by Rice are mentioned below:

Talks –

  1. Transgressive Lag of Flat Rip-up Clasts – Substratum for Initial Growth of Upper Cambrian Large Microbial Bioherms.  André W. Droxler, Heath, H. Hopson, Pankaj Khanna, Jacob, M. Proctor, Daniel J. Lehrmann, Paul (Mitch) Harris. Session – Geobiology of Carbonate Systems (SEPM) IMG_0123
  2. Investigating Upper Cambrian Microbial Reefs (Mason, Texas) – Unconventional Approach in  Mapping and Quantifying their different scales.  Pankaj Khanna,  André W. Droxler, Heath, H. Hopson, Daniel J. Lehrmann, Paul (Mitch) Harris. Session – Unconventional Carbonate Reservoirs II (SEPM)



Poster Presentations –

  1. Distinct Growth Phases of an Upper Cambrian Microbial Reef Complex; Depositional Environment Indicators (James River, Mason County, Texas).  Heath H. Hopson, Pankaj Khanna,  Meron, Fessahaie , André W. Droxler, Paul (Mitch) Harris , Daniel J. Lehrmann. Session – Additional AAPG Student Research Poster Session IIIMG_0062
  2. Uppermost Pleistocene Coralgal Reefs and Upper Cambrian Microbial Reefs: Morphologies and Sea Level-Induced Evolution (?).  Pankaj Khanna, André W. Droxler, Daniel J. Lehrmann, Jeffrey Nittrouer, Paul (Mitch) Harris. Session – Additional AAPG Student Research Poster Session II


Highlights of the AAPG Annual Convention & Exhibition at Calgary –

1.  Adjunct Prof. Vitor Abreu (Rice University) – Taking charge as President of SEPM 2016-17



 From Left to Right – Pankaj Khanna (PhD Candidate), Adjunct Prof. Vitor Abreu, Heath H. Hopson (Masters Candidate)

2. The Rice group also met few alumni during the meeting


From Left to Right – Hunter Lockhart (Former Rice Student – current Associate Geologist at  BHP Billiton), Heath H. Hopson (Masters Candidate), Prof. André W. Droxler, Gulce G. Dinc (Former Rice Student – current  –  Geophysicist at ION Geophysical), and Pankaj Khanna (PhD Candidate)

      3. The Carbonate Research Group – Rice University


  From Left to Right – Pankaj Khanna (PhD Candidate), Prof. André W. Droxler, Heath H. Hopson (Masters Candidate)

         4. Dinner at an AAPG event


Prof. Bill Fischer (UT) and Martha Lou

         5. SEPM meetings – Monday evening – 21st June


From Left to Right –  Prof. Vitor Abreu (SEPM President) , Jack Neal (ExxonMobil), and Prof. A. W. Droxler

         6. SEPM Poster session – 22nd June


Adjunct Prof. Paul M. (Mitch) Harris and Prof. A. W. Droxler

Additionally the Carbonate research group went to Canadian Rockies to visit some Cambrian Microbial outcrops as well as few other outcrops.

  1. On the way to Helen lake microbial outcrops – Rick Sarg (CSM) and wife Ana


From Left to Right – Prof. Rick Sarg, Ana, Heath H. Hopson (Masters Candidate), and Pankaj Khanna (PhD Candidate)

   2. Helen Lake Cambrian Microbial Outcrop

IMG_0819    IMG_0810


3. Devonian Carbonate outcrops near Canmore, Alberta


4. Sulphur Spring, Jasper National, Alberta



5. Athabasca Glacier, Jasper National National Park


If you would like to know more about the AAPG ACE meeting, Calgary, or about the field trip the Carbonate research group went on after the meeting then kindly let me know pk15@rice.edu.



AAPG Rice Officers – 2016-17

As the new President, it is my pleasure to introduce you to our AAPG Rice student chapter committee. We are planning some new and exciting events this year. Stay tuned for our next announcements!!


                     Wey Yi Foo

       President                                     Vice – President                                Treasurer

Pankaj Khanna                                  Harsh Biren Vora                               Wey Yi Foo
PhD Candidate                                      PhD Student                                   PhD Student

            Nancy (Yuanquan) Zhou           Sam Wang

        Secretery                             Professional Masters Rep.                       Historian   

Joyeeta Bhattacharya                    Nancy (Yuanquan) Zhou                       Sam Wang
PhD Student                                             Prof. Masters                               Prof. Masters


If you have any questions or suggestions you could reach us at AAPG@rice.edu.