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EPSL: Carbon recycling efficiency in subduction zones constrained by the effects of H2O-CO2 fluids on partial melt compositions in the mantle wedge

Michael Lara, Rajdeep Dasgupta The extent of CO2 transfer from subducting lithologies to the overlying mantle wedge in general and to the arc magma source regions in particular remains debated. The limit of CO2 transfer to the sub- arc mantle could be estimated if the effects of CO2 on the primary hydrous melt compositions of […]

GCA: Partial Melting of a Depleted Peridotite Metasomatized by a MORB-Derived Hydrous Silicate Melt–Implications for Subduction Zone Magmatism

Abstract: Recent geodynamic models and geothermometers suggest that slabs in intermediate to hot subduction zone cross the water-saturated basalt solidus, indicating that hydrous silicate melts are important agents of mass transfer from slab to mantle wedge beneath arcs. Yet the effects of basaltic crust-derived hydrous melt fluxing on mantle wedge melting are poorly known. Here […]