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Hammertime: THOR’s Cores

text by Linda Welzenbach and Becky Minzoni; images by Linda Welzenbach “Where’s the mud, people?” asks marine technician Joee Patterson from the doorway of the E-lab the morning of 6 March.  If all goes to plan, THOR’s Hammer would deliver 8 cores of mud from the deep sea in front of Thwaites over the next […]

THWAITES Glacier: There and gone

On the afternoon of the 21st, The Palmer began its 13-knot transit from Rothera to Thwaites Glacier.  All our fingers were crossed that the ice would not prevent the Palmer from getting close to the ice shelf.  The captain maintained that weather and ice conditions would determine just how close we would get to the […]

Life on the Research Icebreaker Nathaniel B. Palmer

By Peter Sheehan and Linda Welzenbach   The Nathaniel B Palmer is, without a doubt, one of most amazing places I can say I call home.  It is taking us places that even those of us who are “Old Antarctic Explorers” have never seen.  The Palmer can manage Southern Ocean tempests, dodge amazing icebergs, glide […]

THWAITEing….At Rothera Station

text and images by Linda Welzenbach   On the 15th of February, the Palmer had to make an emergency transit to the closest base for a medical evacuation. Although EMT trained ASC staff can work remotely with doctors to solve many issues, some ailments require higher order facilities and care. So off to the British […]

The “Iceberg” Correction

text and images by Linda Welzenbach   Since leaving the Chilean coastline, the THOR team has been exploring the sea floor… with sound.  Similar to the way that sea mammals communicate with each other over long distances and submarines avoid obstacles, scientists use sound to “see” the bed surface and ultimately map the ocean bottom.   […]

The J-Team

text and images by Linda Welzenbach   All field-based science conducted on board and beyond the Nathaniel B. Palmer would not be possible without the support of the Marine technicians.  They are in charge of on-board deck operations, ship to shore operations, and the safe deployment and recovery of scientists, scientific tools and equipment. Within a day after leaving Punta […]