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The “Iceberg” Correction

text and images by Linda Welzenbach   Since leaving the Chilean coastline, the THOR team has been exploring the sea floor… with sound.  Similar to the way that sea mammals communicate with each other over long distances and submarines avoid obstacles, scientists use sound to “see” the bed surface and ultimately map the ocean bottom.   […]

The J-Team

text and images by Linda Welzenbach   All field-based science conducted on board and beyond the Nathaniel B. Palmer would not be possible without the support of the Marine technicians.  They are in charge of on-board deck operations, ship to shore operations, and the safe deployment and recovery of scientists, scientific tools and equipment. Within a day after leaving Punta […]

First Things First

text and images by Linda Welzenbach After 24 hours of travel from Houston, Texas to Punta Arenas, Chile, I arrived exhausted yet excited (and perhaps just a wee bit anxious of the unknown) to be part of something very unique.  My name is Linda Welzenbach and my role on this expedition is to share the […]