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Heavy nitrogen molecules reveal planetary-scale tug-of-war

JADE BOYD – NOVEMBER 17, 2017 Rice, UCLA, Michigan State, UNM find unusual enrichment in 15N15N molecules Nature whispers its stories in a faint molecular language, and Rice University scientist Laurence Yeung and colleagues can finally tell one of those stories this week, thanks to a one-of-a-kind instrument that allowed them to hear what the atmosphere […]

Reefs near Texas endured punctuated bursts of sea-level rise before drowning

Fossil coral reefs show sea level rose in bursts during last warming JADE BOYD – OCTOBER 19, 2017 POSTED IN: CURRENT NEWS, FEATURED STORIES   https://youtu.be/jv9VA797Veo Reefs near Texas endured punctuated bursts of sea-level rise before drowning Scientists from Rice University and Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi’s Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies have […]

Rice’s Laurence Yeung named 2017 Packard Fellow

JADE BOYD – OCTOBER 16, 2017 Rice’s Laurence Yeung named 2017 Packard Fellow Geochemist wins prestigious grant for innovative research into ‘clumped’ isotopes HOUSTON — (Oct. 16, 2017) — Rice University’s Laurence Yeung has made a career of searching for some of Earth’s rarest molecules and the stories they tell about the planet’s past, present and […]

Xiaodong Gao aiming for the six World Marathon Majors

Research scientist aiming for the six World Marathon Majors B.J. ALMOND – OCTOBER 6, 2017 POSTED IN: RICE CURRENT NEWS When research scientist Xiaodong Gao crossed the finish line at the Berlin Marathon Sept. 24, he reached the halfway mark to his goal of running six of the world’s largest and most-renowned marathons. Having completed […]

Hot spot at Hawaii? Not so fast

MIKE WILLIAMS – AUGUST 18, 2017 Hot spot at Hawaii? Not so fast Rice University scientists’ model shows global mantle plumes don’t move as quickly as thought HOUSTON – (Aug. 18, 2017) – Through analysis of volcanic tracks, Rice University geophysicists have concluded that hot spots like those that formed the Hawaiian Islands aren’t moving as […]

Data mining finds more than expected beneath Andean Plateau

JADE BOYD – AUGUST 23, 2017 Seismic data suggests means of producing massive volumes of continental crust Seismologists investigating how Earth forms new continental crust have compiled more than 20 years of seismic data from a wide swath of South America’s Andean Plateau and determined that processes there have produced far more continental rock than previously […]

Hidden river once flowed beneath Antarctic ice

Rice U. study: Flowing water influenced retreat of ancient Antarctic ice sheet JADE BOYD AUGUST 21, 2017 Antarctic researchers from Rice University have discovered one of nature’s supreme ironies: On Earth’s driest, coldest continent, where surface water rarely exists, flowing liquid water below the ice appears to play a pivotal role in determining the fate […]

New plate adds plot twist to ancient tectonic tale

Rice University scientists say Malpelo microplate helps resolve geological misfit under Pacific Ocean By Mike Williams713-348-6728mikewilliams@rice.edu HOUSTON – (Aug. 14, 2017) – A microplate discovered off the west coast of Ecuador adds another piece to Earth’s tectonic puzzle, according to Rice University scientists. Researchers led by Rice geophysicist Richard Gordon discovered the microplate, which they have named […]

Regional background O3 and NOx in the Houston–Galveston–Brazoria (TX) region: a decadal-scale perspective

Loredana G. Suciu1, Robert J. Griffin2, and Caroline A. Masiello11Department of Earth Science, Rice University, Houston, 77005, USA 2Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Rice University, Houston, 77005, USA Abstract. Ozone (O3) in the lower troposphere is harmful to people and plants, particularly during summer, when photochemistry is most active and higher temperatures favor local chemistry. […]