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Seismic study will help keep carbon underground

MIKE WILLIAMS – JUNE 17, 2021 Department of Energy grant backs development of Jonathan Ajo-Franklin’s fiber-optic monitors Rice University geoscientists and their colleagues will develop sophisticated fiber-optic sensors and seismic sources to find and evaluate small faults deep underground at sites that store carbon dioxide (CO2) to keep it out of the atmosphere. The Department of Energy has […]

Sedimentology: Timescale dependent sedimentary record during the past 130 kyr from a tropical mixed siliciclastic–carbonate shelf edge and slope: Ashmore Trough (southern Gulf of Papua)

Authors: Gianni Mallarino, Jason M. Francis, Stephan J. Jorry, James J. Daniell, André W. Droxler, Gerald R. Dickens, Luc Beaufort, Samuel J. Bentley, Bradley N. Opdyke, Larry C. Peterson Abstract: In tropical and sub‐tropical mixed siliciclastic–carbonate depositional systems, fluvial input and in situ neritic carbonate interact over space and time. Despite being the subject of […]

How planets form controls elements essential for life

MIKE WILLIAMS – MAY 10, 2021 Rice scientists attribute Earth’s nitrogen to rapid growth of moon- to Mars-sized bodies The prospects for life on a given planet depend not only on where it forms but also how, according to Rice University scientists. Planets like Earth that orbit within a solar system’s Goldilocks zone, with conditions […]

EEPS joint faculty and Clever Planets scientist Pedram Hassanzadeh wins NSF CAREER Award

MIKE WILLIAMS – APRIL 21, 2021 Grant will push study of atmospheric ‘blocking events’ that cause extreme weather Remember Hurricane Harvey? Look west and there was an atmospheric block. Remember the Great Freeze of 2021? Look north and there was a block. Atmospheric blocking is known to cause or exacerbate extreme weather events, but much about them […]

Rice team forges path toward geothermal future

MIKE WILLIAMS – FEBRUARY 26, 2021 Jonathan Ajo-Franklin leads development of monitoring system for DOE’s Utah project HOUSTON – (Feb. 26, 2021) – Rice University scientists have been tapped to join a Department of Energy project to accelerate breakthroughs in geothermal systems that could someday provide unlimited, inexpensive energy. Rice geophysicist Jonathan Ajo-Franklin will now […]