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Rice mourns geophysicist, former college magister Dale Sawyer

by JADE BOYD, Rice News – SEPTEMBER 21, 2020 Rice geophysicist Dale Sawyer, a respected scientist, dedicated educator and former magister of Will Rice and Sid Richardson colleges, died peacefully Sept. 15 after a long illness. He was 65. Sawyer, professor emeritus of Earth, environmental and planetary sciences, joined Rice in 1988 and retired this year. […]

Kirsten Siebach in science TV series ‘Life 2.0’

JADE BOYD – SEPTEMBER 4, 2020   Kirsten Siebach (left), assistant professor of Earth, environmental and planetary sciences, and Scott Solomon, associate teaching professor in biosciences, appear in the first episode of “Life 2.0,” a new television series that’s available for streaming and slated to debut on the air locally at 10 a.m. Saturday on Houston’s KRIV-TV (Fox […]

Small quake clusters can’t hide from AI

MIKE WILLIAMS – AUGUST 24, 2020 Rice researchers use deep learning to find signs were present before deadly Greenland landslide Researchers at Rice University’s Brown School of Engineering are using data gathered before a deadly 2017 landslide in Greenland to show how deep learning may someday help predict seismic events like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. […]

JGR Planets: Constraining Ancient Magmatic Evolution on Mars Using Crystal Chemistry of Detrital Igneous Minerals in the Sedimentary Bradbury Group, Gale Crater, Mars

V. Payré, K. L. Siebach, R. Dasgupta, A. Udry, E. B. Rampe, S. M. Morrison Abstract Understanding magmatic processes is critical to understanding Mars as a system, but Curiosity’s investigation of dominantly sedimentary rocks has made it difficult to constrain igneous processes. Igneous classification of float rocks is challenging because of the following: (1) the possibility […]

Nature Communications: Clustering earthquake signals and background noises in continuous seismic data with unsupervised deep learning

Léonard Seydoux, Randall Balestriero, Piero Poli, Maarten de Hoop, Michel Campillo &  Richard Baraniuk   Abstract The continuously growing amount of seismic data collected worldwide is outpacing our abilities for analysis, since to date, such datasets have been analyzed in a human-expert-intensive, supervised fashion. Moreover, analyses that are conducted can be strongly biased by the standard models employed by seismologists. […]

Rice researchers use InSight for deep Mars measurements

JADE BOYD – AUGUST 5, 2020 Analysis of NASA lander seismograph data reveals boundaries from crust to core Using data from NASA’s InSight Lander on Mars, Rice University seismologists have made the first direct measurements of three subsurface boundaries from the crust to the core of the red planet. An artist’s impression of Mars’ inner structure. The topmost […]