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Computational Geosciences: A numerical study of multi-parameter full waveform inversion with iterative regularization using multi-frequency vibroseis data

We study the inverse boundary value problem for time-harmonic elastic waves, for the recovery of P– and S-wave speeds from vibroseis data or the Neumann-to-Dirichlet map. Our study is based on our recent result pertaining to the uniqueness and a conditional Lipschitz stability estimate for parametrizations on unstructured tetrahedral meshes of this inverse boundary value problem. With […]

SuperComputing (SC’18): Computing Planetary Interior Normal Modes with a Highly Parallel Polynomial Filtering Eigensolver

Abstract: A highly parallel algorithm has been developed and exploited to compute the planetary normal modes of the elastic-gravitational system, which is approximated via the mixed finite element method on unstructured tetrahedral meshes. The eigenmodes of the relevant generalized eigenvalue problem were extracted by a Lanczos approach combined with polynomial filtering. In contrast with the standard […]