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ESCI 562 – Magmas, from source to surface (fall 2015)

SEMINAR ON MAGMAS: SOURCE TO SURFACE Fall, 2015 Instructors: Kiser, Dasgupta, Gonnermann, Lee, Levander, Morgan, Niu, Lenardic MONDAY: 12-1 PM, RM 327 11/30/15 We will conclude the seminar with a discussion on the effect of local stresses on volcanic eruptions (Gudmundsson, 2006). 11/16/15 The MASH zone will be discussed this week (Hildreth and Moorbath, 1988). 11/02/15 […]

ESCI 555 – Mountain building, carbon cycling, and climate (spring, 2015)

ESCI 555. SEMINAR ON INTERPLAYS BETWEEN MOUNTAIN BUILDING, CLIMATE, AND GLOBAL CARBON CYCLING Spring, 2015 Instructors:  Albarede, Blichert-Toft, Dasgupta, Gonnermann, Lee, Lenardic, Levander, Morgan, Niu, Oncken, Yeung, Yokoyama, Nittrouer, Masiello, Gordon, Dickens MONDAY:  12-2 PM, Geology 100 This course will meet once a week for two hours to discuss the interplays between tectonics, specifically mountain […]

Hydrous basalt–limestone interaction at crustal conditions: Implications for generation of ultracalcic melts and outflux of CO2 at volcanic arcs

New student paper out!  See Laura Carter’s paper on basalt-limestone interactions with implications for arc CO2 fluxes, published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters. [article] Abstract High degassing rates for some volcanoes, typically in continental arcs, (e.g., Colli Albani Volcanic District, Etna, Vesuvius, Italy; Merapi, Indonesia; Popocatepetl, Mexico) are thought to be influenced by magma–carbonate […]