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“Data report: reanalysis of interstitial water barium, iron, and sulfur concentrations at Sites U1426 and U1427”, by Clint Miller and Gerald Dickens, in Volume 346 of the Proceedings of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program.

Abstract Within the south of the marginal sea between Japan and Korea, interstitial water (IW) profiles exhibit a prominent sulfate–methane transition (SMT) in the upper few meters of sediment. As the SMT has become a focus of attention, IW samples were collected at high spatial resolution within shallow sediment at Sites U1426 and U1427 and […]

Pore water geochemistry along continental slopes north of the East Siberian Sea: inference of low methane concentrations

Clint M. Miller, Gerald R. Dickens, Martin Jakobsson, Carina Johansson, Andrey Koshurnikov, Matt O’Regan, Francesco Muschitiello, Christian Stranne, and Carl-Magnus Mörth Abstract. Continental slopes north of the East Siberian Sea potentially hold large amounts of methane (CH4) in sediments as gas hydrate and free gas. Although release of this CH4 to the ocean and atmosphere […]