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IRESS 2018 – Hoeink

The Quest for Permeability Tobias Hoeink Baker Hughes, a GE company   The only economical way to extract hydrocarbons from low-permeability shale reservoirs is to increase reservoir contact. Horizontal drilling, […]

IRESS 2018 – Torres

The life and times of carbon in surface environments Mark Torres, Rice University The geologic cycling of carbon is multifaceted and key to Earth’s long-term habitability. Central to many aspects […]

IRESS 2018 – Minisini

Carbon Cycling, from Volcanoes to Source Rocks, a sedimentary perspective Daniel Minisini, Shell The deep Earth processes (e.g., tectonism, magmatism, volcanism) control the first order shape of the continental margins, […]

IRESS 2018-Reinhard

The importance of nutrients for Earth’s carbon cycle Chris Reinhard, Georgia Institute of Technology The global carbon cycle links together the biosphere, planetary climate, and the chemistry of the oceans […]

IRESS 2018-Madof

Gas hydrates in sandy reservoirs interpreted from velocity pull up: Are Mississippi-fan turbidites diffusively charged? Andrew Madof, Chevron   Gas hydrates are recognized as an emerging energy resource and submarine […]