Thank you to everyone who attended or contributed to the success of JohnFest.  Your science, your stories, notes and photos have been arranged in a special memoir. As a memorable event for both John and Doris, as well as for all of us, we have made this memoir to capture and share the collective impact that John has had on all of us.  The magazine can be found below.  We hope you enjoy the walk through memory lane.

Please also remember that The Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences has created THE JOHN B. ANDERSON FELLOWSHIP FOR A SUSTAINABLE EARTH, in honor of John’s tremendous contribution to the earth sciences.

The John Anderson fellowship is funded through the HUMAN IMPACTS FUND.  To support the fellowship, donations are actually made to the Human Impacts fund, which was established by Mary Anne and Bill Dingus.  In addition, donations greater than $2500 will be matched by Mary Anne and Bill Dingus.  

The endowment mission statement:
The world is more complex, interconnected, and uncertain than ever before. The future of our planet, the health of our society, and the welfare of its seven billion inhabitants will require creative solutions that balance resources, environment, health, and economy. Sustainable paths forward will require collective, non-partisan action coupled with the ability to see the world and all its components as fully interdependent.”

For additional information on how to make your donation please visit:  https:// sustainearth/