Welcome! We are the Rice University student chapter of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists. We organize field trips, offer professional development workshops, attend geoscience student expos, and hold networking events that promote geoscience careers in the energy industry.

Currently, we are working on getting our chapter back up and running. If you are a student interested in joining AAPG or have questions about joining, contact Holly Fortener at holly.fortener@rice.edu and fill out an interest form here.

Main Events throughout the year:

  1. Houston Geological Society Expo (8/13-14)
  2. Kick-off Meeting (September/October)
  3. RIGS (Rice Industry Geoscience Series) – (throughout the year)
  4. Professional Development Workshops (throughout the year)
  5. AAPG Field Trip (Spring Semester)

Take a look at our past field trips, and learn more about upcoming events!

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