Bally Alumni Gabor Tari wins AAPG Ambassador Service Award

From AAPG Explorer (December 2019): 

Gabor Tari is the recipient of the Vlastimila “Vlasta” Dvořáková International Ambassador Service Award. This award is given to those who have promoted growth and awareness of the AAPG organization internationally, outside the United States, and created opportunities for the Association to reach a wider audience of geoscientists worldwide. Tari is being honored for exception role in being the main driver of catalysts for many international events in the Europe Region.

AAPG awards, approved by the Executive Committee, are presented annually to recognize individuals for service to the profession, the science, the Association and the public.

Biographies and citations of all award winners will be included in a future AAPG BULLETIN. (Image courtesy of AAPG)


Gabor Tari received his Ph.D. from Rice in 1994.  He lives in Austria and is the Group Chief Scientist for Geology at OMV Exploration and Production Company.


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