Sea Ice at Thwaites Glacier

Like all good explorers who are preparing for the unknown, I went looking for information about what to expect in the place where we will spend the better part of two months. Thanks to Rob Larter who had tweeted information about the sea ice in December, I found Sentinel-1 SAR imagery imagery that shows the coverage as of TODAY! You can go see this for yourself at: . #ThwaitesGlacier (on the grid at 75°30′S106°45′W) is the slight tongue extending out along the 106W gridline, and the area in front of it looks to be breaking up.

Image downloaded from Polar View

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  1. Mary Welzenbach
    Mary Welzenbach says:

    Good luck to you sweetheart and please be safe. Keep in touch with us as much as you can. We are so proud of you.


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