Cathedral St. Nicholas of Fribourg

Dr. Albert Bally, Wiess Emeritus Professor at Rice University, was awarded on November 15, 2016 a Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Fribourg (Switzerland)

His nephew Dr. Thomas Bally, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry at University of Fribourg, received the Degree Diploma on behalf of Dr. Bally. Rice University Professor André Droxler represented the Dept. of Earth Science at the November 15, 2016, Dies Academicus ceremony during which Bally’s Doctor Honoris Causa was granted.

Prof. Jon Mosart who nominated Prof. Bally and Dr. Anna Sommaruga who was co-advised by Prof. Bally and Schaer for her Ph. D. at University of Neuchâtel and Rice University, attended the Dies Academicus ceremony.  Prof. Mosart and Dr. Sommaruga are both currently working in the Geoscience Department at University of Fribourg.

Prof. Emeritus Thomas Bally and his wife Heidi, left, Prof. Jon Mosart, center, and Professor André Droxler, left, at the end of the Dies Academicus ceremony.

Prof. Jon Mosart and Dr. Anna Sommaruga at the lunch following the Dies Academicus ceremony.

Link to the ceremony could be found below.