4:00 – 4:10 PM – Cin-Ty, Pankaj opening remarks – Kick off for IRESS 2017, Leg 3-  AAPG RIGS – Room 100

4:10 – 7:00 PM – 28 student posters +networking event –  Earth Science Patio

                    30th September – Student Posters
Andrew J. Moodie PhD A quasi-2D delta-growth model accounting for multiple avulsion events, validated by robust data from the Yellow River delta, China
Brandee Carlson PhD The coastline evolution of an abandoned deltaic lobe and the fate of its relict distributary channel: a case study from the Huanghe (Yellow River) delta, China
Chenliang Wu PhD Backwater control on deltaic stratigraphy, Western Irish Namurian Basin, County Clare, Ireland
Christopher I. Odezulu PhD Follets Island: a case of unprecedented change and transition between rollover and subaqueous shoals
Eric Barefoot PhD Breakdown of Fractal Characteristics in Small Stream Hydraulic Geometry
Hongbo Ma Postdoc On the exceptional sediment load of subaqueious fine-grained dispersal environment: the appealing case of the lower Yellow River, China
Pankaj Khanna PhD Uppermost Pleistocene Coralgal Reefs and Upper Cambrian Microbial Bioherms: Morphologies and Sea Level-Induced Evolution
Pulkit Singh PSM Ultimate demise of large upper cambrian microbial reefs (Mason County, Central Texas)
Tian Dong PhD Controls on gravel termination in seven distributary channels of the Selenga River delta, Baikal Ruft Basin, Russia
Structure & Tectonics
Chia-Jui Chang PSM A Study on deep crustal Structure and its tectonic implications of southwestern Taiwan from seismic reflection profiles
Daniel Woodworth PhD Pacific Plate Deformation due to Plate Motion Relative to the Spin Axis on a Nonspherical Earth
David Blank Masters Investigating slip mode variability along a simulated granular shear zone using the discrete element method
Harsh Vora PhD The normal compaction of clay rocks is fundamental for understanding overpressure
Luan C. Nguyen PhD Quantitative restoration the Gulf of Mexico continental margins based on a newly-derived, basin-wide, crustal thickness map
Tamunoisoala LongJohn PhD Effect of Particle Size on Rock Shear Strength: A Discrete Element Model Study
Tuo Zhang PhD Deformation of North America – South America diffuse plate boundary: Where is the pole of relative rotation currently located?
Joyeeta Bhattacharya PhD Eocene carbonate dissolution events in the North Pacific Ocean
Julia M. Ribeiro Postdoc The role of the forearc mantle in the deep water cycle in cold subduction zones: importance of supra-slab sources of water in arc magmas
Sarah Paschal Gerenday Undergrad Evolution of South African cratonic peridotites based on micro-XRF mapping and reconstruction of bulk rock compositions
Sofia Avendano Undergrad Experimental Determination of Coalescence Rates in High Viscosity Liquids
Chenhao Yang PhD Stress-induced travel time variations at SAFOD revealed by continuos cross-well active source monitoring
Gary Linkevich Masters 3D Seismic Observations of the Peridotite Ridge in the Deep Galicia Margin
Guangchi Xing PhD Effects of shallow density structure on the inversion for crustal shear wave speeds in surface wave tomography
Jia Shi PhD Elastic full-waveform inversion with surface and body waves on the three-dimensional unstructured tetrahedral meshes
Min Chen Postdoc Lithospheric foundering and underthrusting imaged beneath Tibet
Nur Schuba PhD New Characterization of the S-reflector from Galicia Margin, Offshore Spain
Zhe Guan PhD Accurate focal depth determination of oceanic earthquakes using water-column reverberations