AAPG Rice Officers – 2016-17

As the new President, it is my pleasure to introduce you to our AAPG Rice student chapter committee. We are planning some new and exciting events this year. Stay tuned for our next announcements!!


                     Wey Yi Foo

       President                                     Vice – President                                Treasurer

Pankaj Khanna                                  Harsh Biren Vora                               Wey Yi Foo
PhD Candidate                                      PhD Student                                   PhD Student

            Nancy (Yuanquan) Zhou           Sam Wang

        Secretery                             Professional Masters Rep.                       Historian   

Joyeeta Bhattacharya                    Nancy (Yuanquan) Zhou                       Sam Wang
PhD Student                                             Prof. Masters                               Prof. Masters


If you have any questions or suggestions you could reach us at AAPG@rice.edu.



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