12th Annual Women’s Energy Network YWE Event

As two other undergrads and four grad students, we helped out at the Women’s Energy Network’s (WEN) 12th annual Young Women Energized (YWE) event. A lot of acronyms…
   We set up a small booth and then later broke into small discussion panels to talk to some Houston high school girls about getting a degree in STEM, going to grad school, working in the oil and gas industry, etc. Most of the students I personally talked to were graduating in 2017 and had little or no clue what they wanted to do. Most think they will declare a single major without having the option to change it, get stuck in that particular field and have anxiety and guilt over not already knowing what this major is going to be. I could hear myself from 9-10 years ago, going through the same feelings. I hope we all helped some students. Two of the girls from the first panel approached me in the end to tell me that they somewhat felt better about not having a clear idea yet, and both are now considering geosciences as their major!
adeeneAdeene, our double-majoring versatile undergrad, did a great job.
girls_WENThis is what hundreds of high school girls all screaming at the same time, trying to answer trivia questions for prizes looks like.
wen_volunteersOur volunteers for the Earth Science table and the panel discussions. From left to right: Sriparna, Ruth, Adeene, Kelsey.


Us waiting for girls to ask about the well logs, seismic data or the very dirty orange coveralls in the background.
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