We are interested in what controls long-term and short-term climatic and environmental change  from the Archean to the Holocene.  Particular areas of research include glacial-interglacial climate variability; greenhouse-icehouse oscillations; abrupt climate change; long-term and short-term carbon cycling; oxygen evolution of the atmosphere; physical and chemical weathering; origin and evolution of Earth’s atmosphere; chemical oceanography; and water-rock interactions in the surface, deep-sea, and shallow crust and sediments.  We use a variety of tools including stable isotope geochemistry, elemental geochemistry, biostratigraphy, sedimentology, and geophysics to reconstruct past climates in marine and terrestrial environments.

Chemical Oceanography

Yeung, Masiello, Lee


Yeung, Lee, Torres, Dee

Chemical Weathering

Lee, Torres

Holocene Climate

Yeung, Dee

Phanerozoic Climate

Yeung, Lee, Torres

Precambrian Climate and Planetary Habitability

Yeung, Dasgupta, Lee, Lenardic